Our growth is determined by our strong vision of what we have portrayed through our values:

Innovation & Technology

At Maithan, we encourage a creative work environment to encourage innovations and solutions that create products and services, and set benchmarks in our industry. We inspire to bring in new technologies and challenges that help us improvise our processes every day.

Ambition & Dedication

We believe that ambition and dedication are two of the most important tools in achieving success. In line with this thought, we are committed to deliver the best to our customers while enhancing our own growth.

Honesty & Integrity

Our integrity is determined by our market reputation. We believe in maintaining truthfulness with our employees, our customers, and our dealers. We stick to our values even through difficult situations.

Safety and Security

Our plants and offices follow stringent safety and security measures for the benefit of our employees. We instil a feeling of safety and well-being amongst our employees, as we believe it is their right to work in a healthy and risk-free environment.

Quality and Assurance

Delivering high-quality products and services to our customers is the driving energy behind our endeavours. We believe in gaining the trust of our customers by delivering the best, which is why our products undergo stringent quality checks before they reach our customers.

Contribution to the Society

Service to the society is one of our core values. Our production processes are designed to prevent harm to the environment around our plants. Our CSR activities are bent on improving the lives of the communities that dwell around our plant locations.