TMT Rebar

During constructions, Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Rebars play an important role in complementing the concrete so that the structure can change its shape according to the design of the project being built easily. Due to their high demand in multiple applications during construction, manufacturers of Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Rebars aim to produce products with higher strength and better ductility to meet their customers' requirements.

Maithan Steel & Power Ltd. manufactures Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Rebars with the latest available HYQST technology, ensuring that the best of products are delivered to our customers.

The high strength Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Rebars are the basic requirement for any construction process, be it buildings or bridges. The Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Rebar manufactured by us go through stringent quality checks before they reach our customers.

The Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Rebars manufactured by us ensure high elongation and thereby better bendability during the construction process. Our high quality Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Rebars are built with strength to withstand earthquakes and natural calamities which make them a safe choice for engineers and builders.

Cross section of Maithan Thermo Mechanical Treatment Maithan Steel

Characteristics Of Our Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Rebars

  • HighStrength

  • EasyBendability

  • SmoothWeldability

  • CostEffective

Chemical And Physical Properties Of Maithan Thermo Mechanical Treatment Maithan Steel Rebars Vs Others

Yield Stress (YS) N/ mm2 500 500 500 600
Tensile Strength N/mm2 545 565 585 660
Elongation Min. % 12 16 10 16
Carbon % 0.300 0.250 0.300 0.280
Sulphur % 0.055 0.040 0.055 0.040
Phosphorous % 0.055 0.040 0.050 0.040
S and P % 0.105 0.075 0.100 0.075


  • 5.5 mm
  • 8 mm
  • 10 mm
  • 12 mm
  • 16 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 32 mm